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DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Patients who have a hip device that has been implanted and is later causing them problems, may not know what particular device has been implanted.

You may have gotten a letter from your physician, saying you had a DePuy ASR hip device, and that that device was recalled. You may not have gotten one of those letters even if you have a DePuy ASR.

Additionally, DePuy made another metal on metal device, called the Pinnacle. The Pinnacle wasn’t always metal on metal, but some of them are. The problem with DePuy ASR and Pinnacle metal on metal devices is that they break down in many instances, and they shed metal into a patient’s body causing an increase in the blood level of these heavy metals, cobalt, and chromium, causing irritation of the surrounding muscle tissues, inflammation, fluid accumulation, weakness, pain and the device continues to break down and eventually will have to be replaced.

If you’ve had a hip replacement and you’re having problems following that replacement, you can contact an experienced attorney who handles hip replacement lawsuits. Let that person find out exactly what device was implanted, whether it was a DePuy ASR that’s been recalled, or whether it’s a DePuy Pinnacle metal on metal. Once that information is gained, then the lawyer that you’ve chosen to help you with this can give you advice about how to proceed.

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