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Workplace & Construction Accidents

Workplace injuries are among the leading causes of accidental injury and death. While safety programs abound, workplace hazards are still very common where safer methods of conducting work are more time-consuming or costly to the employer. Regardless of whether it is a worker or the company who has ignored safety rules, these injuries can be life threatening and life-changing.

Workplace conditions can make being safe and obeying safety rules tough on an employee. Even when an employee is partly responsible for neglecting or ignoring safety rules, the work environment and workplace culture may inappropriately tolerate or encourage the unsafe behavior. Safety equipment may be out of date, in poor condition, improper for the assigned use, or insufficient for the number of employees and their tasks. Some industries will appear to stress safety in their handbooks and publications, even though it is clear that everyone ignores work safety to get jobs done on time. An unwritten rule of the workplace may be that productive workers don't use safety equipment that will slow them down or hamper efficiency, even if that decision puts workers at risk.

The truth is that workplace safety takes time, and it is inevitable that there is some clash with speed in the workplace - getting the job done faster. If an employer stresses speed over safety or makes it impossible to work both safely and productively at the same time, workplace injuries will happen.

If you have been injured on a job site or at work, regardless of where you were employed at the time, BOWERSOX LAW FIRM would like the chance to help you. Call or email our offices to set up a free consultation. We can help you recover for your injuries and losses at no cost until we recover money for you.


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