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Spinal Injury

Sadly, there are approximately 10,000 new cases of spinal cord injury each year in the United States, 80% of which occur in males 16 - 30 years of age. Spinal cord injuries are especially tough on injured people and their families. Unlike other parts of your body, the spinal cord does not have the ability to repair itself when it is damaged, so treatment and therapy play an important role in recovery. A high quality of care from the best doctors and therapists can help the injured person to maximize his or her remaining physical abilities, and can make a significant difference in the recovery and mental health of the injured person.

Our aim in spinal injury cases is to ensure that our clients get the kind of care that will give them maximum recovery and well-being. Receiving that care requires that those responsible for injuring our client step forward, take accountability, and provide full and fair compensation. Sadly, it is very rare that the responsible party's insurance company will do what is right. Instead, insurance companies hide behind a well-funded army of defense lawyers, blaming others for causing the injury and minimizing the amount of harm done. When this happens, BOWERSOX LAW FIRM must take appropriate legal action to protect our injured clients and their families.

An important part of protecting our client's ability to receive the best medical care is investigating the cause of the accident. Learning exactly how the injury occurred by gathering evidence, taking photographs, and conducting witness interviews is important, but who is doing the investigation is important as well. Unless this investigation is being conducted by your attorney, you can't be sure every stone is turned over in a search for the truth. The insurance company for the person or company that caused the accident will often conduct a brief safety investigation, but only for their purposes. Rarely does a company conduct an investigation that helps the injured person. They may even spoil or destroy evidence related to your injury. In the event of a serious spinal injury, it is important to immediately contact and retain an experienced attorney so that he or she can help in securing evidence and witnesses.

Since spinal injuries are permanent, compensation issues become very complex. A key issue for clients with spinal cord injuries and their families is whether the injuries are described by the physician as "complete" or "incomplete." In a complete spinal cord injury, there is a total loss of sensation and muscle function in the body below the level of the injury. In an incomplete spinal cord injury, there is some remaining function below the level of the injury. In most complete spinal cord injury cases the attorney will need to produce a "life care plan" for the client that has carefully considered the extent of their injury and what it will take to see that they are comfortable and well cared for as long as they live. The attorney in an incomplete spinal injury case may also need to provide a care plan that enables the injured person to continue with needed therapy and maximize remaining abilities. BOWERSOX LAW FIRM consults with and retains specialists who will assist us in proving your case and obtaining full and fair compensation for you.

BOWERSOX LAW FIRM is well experienced in investigating and accurately determining the cause of serious accidents. We retain highly qualified investigators and experts, and we instruct them to find out the truth about how the accident occurred and what our client's care needs will be. Our attorneys and staff can help you recover compensation to get the care you need and rebuild your quality of life. Please give us a call to discuss your case.


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