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Other Serious Injuries

We Help with Serious Injuries

In today's complex world, it seems there are far too many ways that innocent people are seriously injured or killed by the careless acts of others. Very few of the responsible parties are willing to admit wrongdoing and apologize, much less provide help to get you back on your feet financially. An injured person rarely gets any measure of fair treatment from insurance companies without the help of a lawyer.

An injury to you or your loved one can be a very complex situation involving medical bills (some paid, some impossible to pay), insurance companies that want interviews and statements, and perhaps even affidavits and photos. Most injured people and their families don't have the time or expertise to deal with all of these demands and the added stress that comes with them.

Meanwhile, the insurance company has hired hundreds or even thousands of employees whose job is to provide you with the least amount of money possible. Every morning, the adjustor assigned to your claim gets up and goes to work for the insurance company. You will be facing professionals, and you will benefit from having professionals on your side as well. Can you really trust the employees of an insurance company to do what is best for you?

Even with a seemingly cooperative insurance company, there are pitfalls. The insurance company may say that they can only pay your bills once they have a receipt, forcing you to pay for your care out-of-pocket and exposing you to the risk that the insurance company will deny payment for the bill. Insurance companies, whether yours or the defendant's, may tell you they have to close your claim and deny any further payments after a certain date. They may say that they will pay your existing bills only after you sign an agreement that they will not have to make any payments for your treatment in the future, or may underestimate the compensation you should receive from lost wages or lost future income due to a disabling injury. Many insurance companies will only pay for your actual medical bills, so time spent in pain, fear, and anguish will not be paid for no matter how unfair it seems to you.

You deserve - and frankly, you need - an expert attorney and law firm on your side. You deserve and need advice that you can trust. BOWERSOX LAW FIRM can help you secure full and fair compensation for your medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death Cases

When someone is accidentally killed, the law describes this as a "wrongful death." The law recognizes and emphasizes that the family of a person who has been killed by an automobile crash, defective product, medical malpractice, or other wrongful act has suffered a terrible loss. For the spouse and children, a wrongful death often represents not only a horrible personal loss, but also the loss of financial and emotional support from the person who was killed. Parents of a wrongfully killed child may not have expected financial assistance from their child, but they are still grieving the loss of their child's love and companionship.

The lawyers at BOWERSOX LAW FIRM understand the emotional and financial strain suffered by the family of a wrongful death victim. We are experienced in representing families in this circumstance and can provide application assistance for government benefits and workers' compensation benefits. In addition, we can pursue the family's claims against the insurance company of the person or company responsible for the wrongful death.

Insurance Problems

BOWERSOX LAW FIRM handles cases against insurance companies when they fail on promises made to you. From auto, truck, motorcycle, or boating accidents to fire insurance cases, BOWERSOX LAW FIRM will handle your insurance paperwork while you concentrate on your health and returning to work.



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