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Vehicular Accidents

Automobile & Trucking Accidents

Car and truck accidents can cause physical injury and pain that disrupt your life. Worse still, you may be confronted with medical bills, lost wages, and damages to your car that no one is willing to pay.

Since vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of injury in the U.S., they are also the #1 cause of claims against insurance companies. Accidents with injuries cost insurance companies a lot of money every year, and that’s a cost they want to avoid whenever possible. To the insurance company, your accident and injury is a "cost of doing business." You are nothing more than a "claim file" that the insurance adjuster is ordered to close as cheaply and as quickly as possible.

While insurance adjusters are usually very respectful and friendly, their job is not just to settle your claim, but to settle it as cheaply as possible in order to save money for the insurance company. Insurance companies will often send you paperwork to complete and attempt to take recorded statements from you in order to document the accident to their satisfaction. The insurance adjuster may ask you to sign papers requiring your doctors to reveal your private health information, or may tell you that you will only get paid for your damages if you settle your case now. They may patiently explain to you that while the amount they offer is clearly inadequate, it is all they can pay under the circumstances. They may even commiserate with you about how unfair it all is, while patiently insisting that it is the best offer you will get and there is no one else for you to talk to.

Good people who have been injured may not realize the unfairness of the situation they are placed in by insurance companies. Most of us wouldn't even know what a fair deal is for the particular facts of our case, let alone how to get the insurance company to offer a fair deal! On the other hand, insurance adjusters are professionally trained to deny your compensation so that the insurance company will make more money. The adjuster may try to take advantage of the fact that you do not have the information and experience you need to protect yourself in this situation.

Airlines, Buses, and Trains

BOWERSOX LAW FIRM represents people who are injured in any transportation accident, whether by bus, train, or plane. While these types of accidents are thankfully rarer than automobile and trucking accidents, they are often very serious because passengers do not wear seat belts at all times and, unlike cars, these vehicles are not made to withstand severe impacts. While injuries from bus, train, or plane accidents can be severe and life threatening, many of the legal issues in these cases are the same as in automobile accident cases. BOWERSOX LAW FIRM can advise you and protect your rights.

Getting Compensation for Our Clients

Many factors determine your case value. The extent of your injuries is a critical factor, but what you may not know is that the amount of your medical bills is not the only determining factor in settling a value on your case. A court will also consider the bad conduct of the person or business that caused your injury. Was the defendant a drunk driver? Does the trucking company have a history of running over weight and beyond the legally permissible hours for its drivers? The lawyers at BOWERSOX LAW FIRM will work to uncover hidden facts and present that information so it benefits you the most.

If the result in your case isn't likely to be improved by having a lawyer represent you, a good lawyer would let you know that and would not encourage you to pay for legal services that won't be advantageous to you. Since BOWERSOX LAW FIRM will handle your case on a contingency fee basis, you aren't charged for legal representation until you recover money damages.

BOWERSOX LAW FIRM will fight hard to preserve the evidence for your claim. We handle all the insurance issues and paperwork to help you avoid extra stress and aggravation on top of what you have already suffered. Please call us for a free consultation if you or your loved one has been injured. After all, if you didn't cause the accident, shouldn't someone be looking out for your rights?


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