Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Many clients want to know what they should do to determine whether they have a case for a transvaginal mesh lawsuit. The short answer is “Are you having significant physical problems? Are you seeing your doctor to correct problems associated with a prior transvaginal mesh implant?” If you’ve have a mesh implant, and everything is fine, then there would be no reason for a lawsuit, and you would be very happy to know that your physical health is good and the product is working properly.

Unfortunately, many, many women across the country are finding that their transvaginal mesh product is not working well. They’re experiencing severe pain in their pelvic region. In some cases, the mesh is actually cutting the inside of their body, extruding or coming out through the vaginal wall, which is a very painful and a completely unsatisfactory result.

If you’re having an unsatisfactory result, and your physician is telling you that, in fact, there is some difficulty, and you know there’s a difficulty, because you have to keep going back for medical care, then talking with an attorney who is experienced in medical device and product liability suits, specifically involving transvaginal mesh, is probably the next step. A lawyer experienced in this area can determine what particular device was implanted, can explain to you the problems that are associated with it, including whether the device has been recalled or had an FDA warning, and then give you legal advice. It’s a matter that probably requires special advice and expertise from a lawyer, so don’t try to make the decision on your own. Find a competent lawyer to help you.

Transvaginal Mesh